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1/f Noise Measurement System – 9812DX


9812DX is an enhanced version of the industry's de-facto standard flicker noise measurement systems 9812D and 9812B, and sets new records for measurement speed, system resolution and coverage of different types of measurement requirements for flicker noise and random telegraph noise (RTN or RTS).

It includes a more than 10X increase in system resolution than previous systems, higher voltage support up to 200V, and lower current support down to 0.1nA, providing extended capability to cover extreme conditions such as diode dark current noise.

9812DX is the only system on the market that supports a complete range of measurement conditions for both high and low impedance devices, with the range of 10-10MΩ, and the system has been proven for the most advanced technology nodes, from 16 nm and 14nm to 10nm and 7nm technology development.

9812DX also sets a high-speed record, with a typical noise measurement speed of 10 sec/bias, enabling fast and accurate noise characterization to meet the needs of process quality monitoring, statistical noise analysis and advanced circuit designs.

Key Benefits

Proven golden – all leading foundries & top semiconductor IC companies
Highest resolution – multiple built-in LNAs, widest impedance matching range
All device types – all conditions including high voltage & extreme low current
Highest speed – fastest noise measurement & statistical noise analysis
All technologies – proven at all technology nodes including 16/10/7nm


Process quality monitoring for technology development
Noise characterization for SPICE model extraction
Process/device evaluation for advanced circuit designs

Hardware Specifications

NoiseProPlus Specifications:
Drivers for 9812DX/D/B/A, and all popular IV meters
Drivers for Cascade/SUSS/MPI probe stations
Multi-mode/device/bias auto measurement control
Simultaneous 1/f and RTN noise characterization
Statistical noise characterization and analysis features
Rich graphic and data analysis features

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