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Generic Semiconductor Parameter Measurement Software – FastLab


FastLab is a generic semiconductor parameter measurement software. It is designed for on-wafer device characterization. Through dynamic interactions with probe stations and instruments, automated measurement is implemented.

Key Benefits

Supports mainstream instruments and probe stations.
Friendly user interface and easy to operate. Comprehensive built-in device list and also supports customized devices. Various built-in IV/CV/Spec analyses to simplify the measurement particularly for the first-time user.
Supports both manual and automated measurement. Capable of loading die and subdie settings from probe station. Supports manual and auto save of measured data.
Highly integrated GUI helps users to quickly set up meters, switching matrix and probe stations. Easy device settings by referencing to built-in routines. Supports one-click exporting from and importing to.xls format files which is convenient for batch-measurements. The measured cures can be displayed in multiple ways requested by users. Supports report in pdf/docx/ppt format.


Supports generic semiconductor devices for IV/CV measurements.
Supports generic semiconductor devices for reliability measurements.
Enables either manual or auto on-chip measurements via communicating with semi-auto probe stations, switching matrix and IV/CV meters through GPIB.


Supported Instrument List
ProPlus FS-Pro
Keysight B1500/HP4284/HP4156/E4980
Switching Matrix
Keysight E5250A/B2200, Keithley K707
Probe Station
Cascade Semi-Auto S300/E300/CM300
MPI Semi-Auto TS2000/TS3000
User-customizable measurement flow
Operating System: Windows XP/7/8/10
Hardware Requirements: Pentium 4-core CPU, 1GB RAM or above

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