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Model Exploration and Platform Benchmark – ME-Pro™


ME-Pro™ is an innovative design platform, that bridges circuit design, CAD, and process development. ME-Pro improves user's understanding of devices and processes, through systematic evaluation and benchmarking of process platforms at device or circuit level. ME-Pro will also show the impact of these evaluation and benchmarking results on circuit designs, providing further guidance or assistance to improve them.

ME-Pro offers pre-configured projects with hundreds of check items and great computation efficiency through a built-in parallel SPICE simulator.

It allows easy configuration for quick adoption, and the most complete and systematic device, circuit, process evaluation and benchmarking for modeling, CAD and circuit designers.

Key Benefits

Quick adoption and best use of process platform
Avoids misuse of models, leaves more design margins
Economic factor: Time-to-market, less SPICE licenses
Easy & fast: setup, configure & run projects in minutes
Systematic evaluation of any device/circuit targets


Library browser for hierarchy display and review
Model exploration for any device/circuit targets
-Device characteristics and electrical trend
-Device and circuit correlation plots
-Statistical and corner behavior, LDE and more
Platform benchmark for multi-foundries, nodes, platforms, or different process revisions
Design assistant for user-specified designs
Model validation for model quality and accuracy
Pre-configured projects: 200+ check items
Parallelizable, built-in SPICE or external SPICE

Target Users

Foundry interface, modeling, CAD, design team
Foundry modeling, process development team

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