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MeQLab is an advanced modeling platform for baseband, analog and RF model extraction, quality assurance and associated circuit verification. The integrated internal SPICE engine and powerful optimizer enable fast and accurate parameter extraction. The entire modeling flow, from parameter extractions to verifications can be accomplished on this one platform. Besides modules we offer in MeQLabTM which facilitates modeling work, it also provides user-friendly coding environment to develop user-customized modeling flow.

Key Benefits

Open and highly integrated architecture enables one-stop solution for both parameter extraction and model QA. The real-time QA capability provides an efficient way monitoring model quality and thus improves the productivity.
Internal SPICE engine features fast simulation speed and good compatibility with commercial simulators. The unique Monte-Carlo engine improves simulation speed by 100X compared to general algorithm.
Rich options of optimization algorithms (differential evolution, pattern search, Levenberg-Marquardt and etc) help modeling engineers converge to the optimum results quickly.
Advanced RF modeling platform integrates complete characterization, de-embedding, RF parameter extraction and QA for up to 110G Hz CMOS RF devices. And it’s fully customizable to be applied to customer’s RF devices and applications.
Provides seamless conversion from baseband model to RF mode. Provides applications for final model generation in different formats compatible with commercial simulators.


Efficient, Complete and Open modeling platform
Baseband model extraction:Supports all mainstream industry standard model.
Complete high voltage model extraction solutions including BSIM3/4 based subcircuit model, HiSIM_HV, Level 66 and Level 101 model.
SRAM modeling solution: Allows user to optimize every element inside SRAM cell and observe the change on SRAM cell in real-time. Characteristic targets like SNM, WNM, Iread, Istandby, Cell Leakage are all pre-defined.
 RO (Ring Oscillator) solution:Allows real-time parameter tweaking and verification with RO circuit, from different library corners and under different biasing and temperature. Statistical analysis and verification of RO circuit are also enabled.
 Mismatch and statistical modeling solution offers various tools to filter statistical data, do data analysis, bridge corner model to statistical models, perform mismatch and statistical model generation, tweaking and verification.
 Open environment allows users to call APIs to handle data, customize extraction flow, QA routines and model/circuit topology.

Integrated QA capability and Real-time QA
Links to commercial simulators to verify model characteristics, compare model/library from different vendors and for different simulators. User can launch QA process at any time during the course of parameter extraction.

Advanced RF modeling platform
Supports CMOS RF modeling up to 110G Hz with integrated capabilities like de-embedding and characterization.
Supports user-defined RF model and modeling flow.


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