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High Capacity Waveform Viewer - NanoWave™


NanoWave™ is a high- performance, high-capacity waveform viewer, targeted to giga-scale SPICE and DFY simulations. With an advanced architecture developed using state-of-the-art programming technology, NanoWave is optimized to efficiently load and display very large databases with a rich set of features to display, measure, analyze and debug simulation results.

NanoWave delivers the best performance for giga-scale simulation results generated by ProPlus NanoSpice, NanoSpice Giga and NanoYield simulators, and is also compatible with standard SPICE analysis data from other circuit simulators.

Key Benefits

Ease of use
Large number of data points (32M+ points)
Large waveform size (240G+ FSDB)
Large waveform files (100K+ MC)
Fast loading and browsing (operational in seconds)
Fully compatible data formats and analysis features
Rich calculator functions for signal post-processing


Support standard SPICE simulation analysis
Comprehensive calculator functions
FFT/DFT analysis tool box
Analog to Digital signal conversion tool box
Intuitive graphic functions for waveform display


Transient/AC/Noise/DC/RF waveform
Simulation data analysis and waveform post-processing
Statistical simulation results viewing and analysis

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