ProPlus Acquires PDA to Build a Complete EDA Solution from Data to Simulation


ProPlus Electronics, the industry leader in nano-scale device modeling and giga-scale SPICE circuit simulation, has acquired the pioneer in AI-driven parameter testing and modeling, PDA recently. The much expected acquisition is aimed at in-depth collaboration and consolidation.

ProPlus is a renowned EDA company offering a new generation of large-scale high-accuracy simulator, design verification platform and device modeling library platform targeting at advanced technology. The company has been recognized well and continuously by almost all foundries and design companies.

Zhihong Liu, Chairman and CEO of ProPlus, believes that industry consolidation is the trend and inevitable. “The success of ProPlus is the reward of hard-working and self-improvement, and a proof of China EDAers’ international competitiveness and firm conviction. The merge of ProPlus and PDA will lead to enhanced creativity and credibility for ProPlus and the future looks greatly promising. The development of IC technology calls for innovation and breakthrough in concept. EDA, as the support of design process, is bound to disrupt to solve pain points. With deep integration and complement, it is a win-win and ProPlus will certainly embark on a unique way for China's EDA development. "

PDA’s strength lies device modeling, PDK-related EDA tools, and AI-driven semiconductor parameter testing. It is also the only provider of complete hardware and software engineering service including high-precision parameterized testing, device modeling and simulation, and PDK development and verification. Yanfeng Li, Chairman and CEO of PDA, said: “The benign competition between ProPlus and PDA can be deemed as a model. From competition to collaboration, the two companies will gain more creativities and make more contributions to the development of China’s EDA industry. ProPlus and PDA share the value of market orientation and long-term sustainness. This acquisition has brought rich experience and complementary portfolio for PDA and we are confident to better serve customers worldwide with a complete solution from data to simulation.”

ProPlus will benefit from the addition of AI-driven testing and modeling technology pioneered by PDA and strengthen its position in semiconductor modeling and testing. Industry will witness a stronger ProPlus with the first data-driven EDA solution integrating testing, modeling, simulation and verification. It will provide better products and solutions, enhance the linkage between IC design and manufacturing, and boost China’s EDA competitiveness.